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Our Homes

We provide supported accommodation to young people, accommodated by local authorities within the West Midlands.

We have a core collection of properties, including studios, flats and houses in multiple areas. We also have the availability to provide a home in other areas when needed.

All of our homes are of the highest standard. If we would not live in the homes we provide, we would not provide them for our young people.

Our Team

Within Akela Future Living, we believe that experience and qualifications are equally of the utmost importance when working with young people.

Akela Future Living is led by Max Carrington. Max has vast experience in managing Supported Accommodation Teams for Local Authorities.

Throughout the team, we have 40+ years of supporting young people from multiple different backgrounds. The team has experience within multiple facets of supporting young people, from managing social work teams, youth offending and youth sports.

The Team has completed countless hours of training, to improve the care and support we give to our young people. 

We endeavour to continue completing training regularly, to ensure we offer the best quality of support of any provider in the UK.

We pledge at least 2.5% of all proceeds to go towards training opportunities for our workers.

Image by Tim Mossholder

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What's with the 'Future Living' part of the name?


'Future living' comprises of two aspects of young person centric support. Firstly, we look at the long-term positive impact of everything we do for our young people, rather than short-term solutions that have a reduced chance of improving the lives of young people, diminishing the probability of them progressing towards independence and post-18 living. Secondly, throughout our many years of experience within working in this sector, we see providers make the same mistakes and approaches with young people. We like to do things differently and we feel that there is no other provider that offers the level of support and belief that we do.

We feel that through working closely with local authorities and other agencies and offering young people a fantastic quality of accommodation, with the best quality of support from our highly trained Outreach Workers, young people within our homes have the ability to achieve everything they wish.

Your home is the foundation that you build your life from.

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