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Why we do what we do

Everyone likes to be told when they are doing something well. We are no different. One of the ways we ensure we are doing the most for our Young People is by gaining their feedback on the support they receive. Here are some recent highlights from young people and professionals that we could not wait to share!!

YP-C: ''My Outreach Worker has helped me so much in a short space of time. I thought I was going to need to sign up to Universal Credit when 18, but my worker helped me find an apprenticeship in a field that I hope to stay in for life''

YP-T: ''I've lived in so many houses in my life, but this is the first one that I have felt is actually my home. Thank you all''

YP-J: ''The Business start-up grant gives me another option in life that I never thought I would have. I never thought I'd even go back to college, let alone be planning to start a business''

IRO-K: ''In the five years I have been in this role, I have never seen a home as good as this''

IRO-S: ''I was very impressed with the provision and the support you and your colleagues provide. Exactly what I want to see for all our inspirational young people arriving in the UK''

SW-G: ''These are by far, the best homes and workers I have ever seen. You all are spectacular and I will go out of my way to work with you in the future''

SW-H: ''You are a model outfit for supportive housing provision for young people. We very much hope and look forward to working with you again''

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